It’s time for Fedora 17 Beta

Yes its that time again where I road test a Beta Release of Fedora!

First I want to talk about the codename “Beefy Miracle” and I must say I didn’t like the name at first.  But now it has kind of grown on me a bit. It may be because of what I found when testing it.

Lets start with my review!

The Bootloader

I noticed straight away when booting that Grub now shows “Advanced Boot Options for Fedora” this is an awesome idea.  It hides away recovery mode simply making grub appear clean and more user friendly.


The Wallpaper is a perfect example of what fedora is supposed to be. Simple yet stunning!

Mount Points

I plugged my USB Drive into the laptop I’m testing on to get the screenshot. I noticed that my USB Drive was no longer mounted in ‘/media’ instead I found it in ‘/run/media/affix’ I think this is a good idea as the world slowly moved into the cloud. I think its a good idea as with tools like spice where fedora and other distributions can be run on thin clients each user can have its own mounted devices on the host.

The Simple Things

Right down to the Scroll Bars fedora has been designed with the user experience in mind.


Featuring Gnome-Shell version 3.4.1 fedora has become more stable since version 16. I noticed a massive performance boost on this laptop than when I was running F16. My trackpad also performs actions more smoothly than with any other distro I have tried on this laptop.

Release Ready!

I believe if F17 was released today as a file release it would be accepted. However there are a few niggling issues that will be corrected before the final release.

Give Fedora 17 a Chance and click here

3 thoughts on “It’s time for Fedora 17 Beta

  1. Leslie Satenstein

    Just downloaded and installed Fedora 17, but with difficulties. Anaconda crashed.  Bugzilla and submitting bugs did not work with the Beta.

    I had a 250 gig, partitioned into 4 partitions of 60 gigs, but with logical partitions.  In the past I deleted partion 1,  so that anaconda would choose it and install Fedora in it. But this time anaconda crashed.. Second time, I just gave anaconda the entire drive.


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